Saturday, January 17, 2009

Music notes

Some thoughts on music. Computers kick a@#! Have you ever doubted the utility of all the technology that is part of our everyday life? The best purchase of two thousand and nine..........
The Amazing Slowdowner. It truly is amazing. A simple download online and presto you have one of the coolest, and perhaps arguably, one of the most utilitarian mathematical algorithms available period!
This product allows you to slow down any song (provided its on a cd) to the speed you need to figure out note for note what people like Chris Thile and his little lightening fast fingers are playing. Check out track 14 on "How to Grow a Women from the Ground (Sugar Hill, 2006) " and see if you can pick out those notes with out slowing it down!
Also, find Ronnie Bowman, he has some great cover songs and also Alecia Nugent(thanks ma!)

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