Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green renovation

This week was dusty as the polystyrene, lambs wool and blown insulation layers were removed from the attic. One of the first tools purchased for the renovation was a good vacuum. We purchased an Nilfisk Alto Attix RFDF 12 gallon industrial vacuum. This a heavy but worthy vacuum. It is also wet/dry. This vacuum gets used house cleaning and for jobs like the insulation removal almost daily.


  1. Plus the vacuum is totally cool 'cuz it looks like R2D2.

  2. Hi Jake, Bet you never thought someone from the Nilfisk ALTO company would read your blog...We're wondering if you'd be interested in participating in a case study to tell us more about your renovations and how the vacuum was able to solve some of your problems. If you're interested in participating, please shoot me an email at We'll even throw in some free filters/parts for your vac. Hope to hear from you!


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