Thursday, November 5, 2009

the three ducks in a row

This would be a look at the" Lapenter block of Ashland" we are taking the block one house at a time.
Justin is still in Brazil and we are getting mentally prepared for a kick ass season in Aspen! Insulation is finally going in and nearing a major turning point with the upstairs almost done! then we can move back up there and move out of our living room. Well, it sounds good anyways, really there are still several patches to the plaster that are needed as I ripped many holes in the walls running the electrical wires........ and patching lathe and plaster is a pretty dusty proposition involving the cutting of the old plaster with a diamond blade on studs so that you have a square patch for wallboard, then there is the step of removing the last of the hard wood flooring, followed by slapping on a coat of paint onto the old dusty subflooring......... then finally, we can move up there. (it will be amazing if this is done by next week) and already the phone is ringing with people that want to go fishing or hunting or any number of events that dont involve making our house livable!!!!
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