Monday, April 6, 2009

first new beam

This is, sadly, almost two weeks of work for one fricken beam. old growth white pine scarfed together to make 16' up next to the old ceiling joist. Note the hole cut into the wall above the window to be able to fasten the beam with through bolts( This would otherwise have been done before a roof was put on top so adjustments are made to work from the inside) Two weeks seems like a lot, but this also puts into place a lot of necesarry know hows for the remaining three that are going in upstairs. With my good fortune they dont need to be scarfed as two run the full 18 ft, and one came scarfed. The wood shop is growing with the recent addition of Roger's disc sander, and a loaner miter saw from our neighbor. Two of the skylights were framed in(so I thought)but they did not pass inspection and so now they have to be re-done and this will entail a fair amount of additional structure to the roof rafters. Spring is upon us and the talk of the town is smelting season as everyone is certain it will be a good one! The lake is still frozen over and a late ice out is predicted, but people are ready as soon as the ice parts. The garden is shaping up to be good and we have roughly 20 different plants started in the starter trays. The master Gardner course is really paying off already. We went to a local seed exchange in bayfield hosted by a local organic farmer and it was all the hopes of finding some good local seed stock that I wanted and much more! We donated our seed stock that we brought from Washington and people made off with some killer seeds! We scored a grape cutting, lots of beans (mostly pole) and some wild and crazy corn from all over, all heirloom and non-GmO plants, some from as far as Mexico.
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