Sunday, February 1, 2009

False Spring

We are experiencing a 48 hour reprieve from a cold winter, and shoveling snow was fun in the sun and 30 degrees F. I have shoveled a path for the dumpster man who hopefully will bring a 20 yard can into our yard this coming week. Tomorrow I will begin on walling off the bottom of the stairs making a temporary door and space to further encase the demo that is about to begin upstairs. Tomorrow will also include the construction of a chute that will feed from the second floor out through a window and into said dumpster. It is still winter, so there will be a fair amount of sealing this all off to keep old man winter out. Then it is time to rock. Speed metal and heavy rock will be playing as I prepare to spend what could take a full week of lathe and plaster removal. The dust will be flying. Thanks to "Tony the Townie" we have some substantiated plans for the vaulting project.


  1. Your post reminded me of Hemingway: "When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happpiest." !

    What is your address in Wisconsin?

    Big Hugs and stay warm!!

  2. Yea....give us your contact info!! Phone number!!!

    If you click on the January Renovation and click through the pictures really fast, you get a really sophisticated flip book and the shop-vac moves around the room!! ;-)



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